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CMAC Goju Budo - In Classical Martial Arts Canada it is a priority to maintain the original purpose and principles of the training; that being a method for health and wellbeing, which includes cultivation of a strong spirit, achieved through a process of learning martial skills that will also give anyone the ability to defend themselves if the need arises at any moment, along with the capacity to formulate "life strategies" to achieve ones goals and objectives. As with any formula or structure, there needs to be a strong foundation set on which to build for the long term and one that will hold up when the storms pass through.

Goju Ryu Karate BooksThis first graphic and literary effort by one of my longest training students Chet Dixon, provides the reader, especially an absolute beginner, the insights and examples to lay a firm foundation to further progress in the art of Karate. This - as one will see through text and graphics - is not accomplished on a physical level only, but also includes the integration of mind, body and most important of all spirit (ZEN, KEN, DAMASHI).

What you will not see, feel, or appreciate completely is the "spirit" of the author/demonstrator Mr. Dixon. Anyone who has sweated in the dojo along with him recognize and highly respect the spirit he puts behind his natural and developed abilities. This book is an example of his spirit and passion for the training. His hope to share with others the "classical martial arts experience" that he has embodied and imparts to his own students at his "Beaches Dojo".

Ultimately the goal of this effort is to inspire someone to get involved in karate / martial arts and energize their life, to add years to their life, and life to their years. Those already on the path now have an optional reference guide to augment their training for practice at home or the office. From the "Classical Perspective" that which becomes natural through consistent, diligent practice will be most effective. Over the years, Chet Dixon has applied this principle to his own training regimen rigorously, so to me it was a natural progression for him to produce this book. Well Done!

- Hanshi Wallace Platt (Classical Martial Arts Canada)

• • •

Sensei Dixon's series is a growing record of the evolution of Canadian Karate-do. They are not just text-books on kata, application and theory, but they also reflect the refinement and skill all those who set forth on the path of Martial Arts should aspire to; regardless of their nationality, or method of style. His books mark the dawn of an exciting time, "the rise of Canadian Budo", and illuminate the contributions made to martial arts by one of Canada's living icons, Sensei W.M. Platt.

- Sensei J.R.P. Bassels (CMAC Yume Da Po)

• • •

Another brilliant literary resource with dynamic graphics has been created by Sensei Chet Dixon and co-wrote with Geoff Busbridge.

Volume 5 of the CMAC Goju-Budo series is a landmark volume. It is a tremendously well written book that provides instructors and students of varying levels with an immense wealth of knowledge that stimulates the mind, refreshes and energizes the soul and inspires all to continue on this incredible journey in the Martial Arts.

Goju Ryu Karate Book 5Sensei Dixon intrigues us with the Bunkai and gives us greater understanding and insight into the hidden movements and self defences of the Kata. He also takes us on a journey from his past travels around the world with intricate drills, bridging the Eastern and Western arts all with keeping a classical perspective.

Sensei Dixon thoroughly examines the remarkable contributions that Grandmaster Wallace Platt has made to the history of Goju Ryu and exemplifies the outstanding qualities of Classical Martial Arts Canada.

This book is truly an imperative asset to anyone who is looking to enhance their skills and abilities as a Martial Artist. It is witty, filled with information and interesting facts making it a great reference and brings a deeper understanding to the art.

It is with sincere honour that I highly recommend this book and the rest of the CMAC GOJU-BUDO Series, as they are a substantial benefit to all.

Special thanks to Sensei Dixon; for all your knowledge, hard work, dedication and phenomenal books!

- Sensei Tammy Thankachen (CMAC Oku Damashi)

• • •

Goju Ryu Karate BookVolume 6 of the CMAC Goju-Budo series is the first that delves into the study referred to as foreign Kata (Wanshu, Hangetsu, Itosu Rohai Shodan and others). Throughout this book you will also find some of the roots that help define the differences between Karate styles.

Putting pen to paper gie=ves one more dimension to a Karate Ka's learnign experience, as well as a reference library, as you will also see in the Nenriki drawings from Sensei Bassels.

Sensei Dixon's training has been as inspiration. I am honoured and humbled to be on this journey.

- Ous, Joel Gringas

• • •

Hello Sensei - I received the book today and must say that the quality is even better than Volume 1. The ringed spine makes it much easier to turn the pages and no fear of breaking it and losing pages. There are more close-up shots of the self-defense moves which are a big help. As with the Volume 1 I find the book a gold mine of info. These are fabulous books to have in one's library of Karate learning. A great reference which can be reviewed many times over, as well as a marvelous guide to use on the Way. Many thanks.

- Karateka Maria

• • •

A Guide to CMAC Goju-Budo Volume 2 - the second in a series of books authored by Sensei Chet Dixon, provides readers an excellent overview of the intermediate level Goju kata's, along with clear and easy to understand footwork illustrations, and a detailed instruction of the associated bunkai for each kata. As a long term student of Sensei Dixon, I highly recommend this book. Whether you are an aspiring Shodan, a senior student, or teacher... you will find the book an invaluable reference that can be referred to time and time again. Ous.

- Philip Burton

• • •

CMAC Goju-Budo Volume 3CMAC Goju-Budo Volume 3 - Sensei Dixon's 3rd book in the series Goju Budo presents step by step instruction and terrific graphics of Goju Ryu's signature powerful Sanchin Kata, and it's counterpart, Tensho form. These two forms introduce the concept of internal energy and the dynamic power that is the heart of Goju Ryu

These Kata carry a powerful message in their yin yang concept within which we can find new understanding to that we can apply in every area of our lives.

As inspiration to the beginner, or reinforcement and new insight to veteran karateka the concepts presented in this book will continue to serve and inspire you in your practice at the dojo, in your daily life, and in your aspirations for the future.

- J Kortright (Shodan)

• • •

I have the first two guides and I can't tell you how helpful they have been to my training. Sensei Dixon's CMAC Goju Budo series is a valuable resource for ALL martial artists. It provides the student with clear instruction of the basics, the kata and the bunkai applications. The series has most certainly helped me along in my journey, and I highly recommend it to all newcomers and current students of the arts!

- Charlie LoPresti (Orange Belt)

• • •

As a novice in Goju Karate I found volume 1 to be very helpful and it was great to be able to go home and review the basics and Kata that my Sensei had taught in class that day. I am 46 years old and have just received my Yellow belt and look forward to receiving your next book to help me advance toward Orange.

- James DesRoches

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